HR Accelerator

Through our HR Accelerator, we want to strengthen organizations in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors globally by facilitating better people management, organizational development and operations practices.

We believe that people are the greatest asset of any organization. Making sure they are truly supported and operating in an environment that allows them to make meaningful contributions towards the purpose of the organization will ultimately determine the impact an organization can have.

At Personio, we have made many learnings over the years from talking to our over 6,000 customers every day, from building and running a large organization ourselves and from making meaningful connections to the best organizations in the world in the fields of people management, organizational development and operations.

Through our HR Accelerator we will pass on this knowledge for free, tailored to the needs of modern nonprofits and social enterprises. Our support will range from research and practical resources shared through the Knowledge Hub, dedicated advice through our Community to live and on-demand training through our Academy.

Launching in 2023.

Fostering Innovation for People and Planet

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